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This site is dedicated to finding and offering value for log home sellers, buyers, builders, developers, do it yourself builders and craftsmen. We hope to save you time, money, and energy.

Inventory of Log homes for sale: Most are Old and Hand Hewn Log Homes as well as a few others. Please keep in mind that lists these homes as they are presented to us and ads are written by owners.

There are no warranties or guarantees of the condition of the structures or accuracy of the ad.

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  Lebanon Tennessee Log Home May 2015

Close to State Forest and Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos

1.5 story log cabin.  Built in 1845.  
17'x18' interior dimensions.  6-7" hand hewn square logs. 
Easily accessible for moving.  Buyer must move. 
2 entrances, 2 windows, 1 passthrough cutout and fireplace on first floor.  Chimney no longer with the cabin.  1 window on second floor.  
Located just south of Lebanon TN

Asking $25,000 obo. 
Please contact Jon Stinson at 615-545-1693 or



  Connecticut Log Home Sept 2014

Close to State Forest and Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos

For sale....well maintained energy efficient 3 bedroom log siding home measuring 42 x 26 with 12 x 12 sunroom built 1981. Total 5.5 acres includes 2 other lots: 1 acre approved building lot and 1.6 acres with river water rights for camping, canoeing, fishing. Wood/coal stove attached to heating system; 2 potable wells; central A/C; full basement. Close to state forest and Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos.

Click here for more information and to contact the owner

  Boone County, KY July 2014

Antique Log Structure in Boone County, KY-SOLD

Our family has discovered an antique log structure beneath a house on our farm property.  It was the home of John Hawkins Craig, a revolutionary war soldier and it is believed to be circa 1805.  The home has been stripped of the interior finishes and exterior siding and we are looking to sell the structure.  

The logs are in exceptional condition and we believe they are crafted from poplar trees.  There is only some minor termite damage on one corner of the house.  The house sits on a faced-stone basement/foundation that is also in excellent condition. The log home measures 26' wide by 19' deep, with the face of the logs ranging from 8” – 10” (approximate).

Click here for more information and to contact the owner

  Lebanon, VA-Mar 2014

Vintage Logs and Cut Limestone, Lebanon, VA

FOR SALE : private collection of vintage hand hewn logs and cut limestone.logs are yellow popular,white oak and red oak and are up to 30 ft. in length. these logs are from 8 log structures in southwest va and there is enough to construct approx. 3500 sq ft. depending on layout.cut limestone is from foundations,showes drill holes & chisel marks looks really nice.

Click here for more information and to contact the owner

  Faribault, MN -Sept 2013

Log Home in Faribault, MN

I am selling a 440 square foot 2 bedroom log cabin with large fireplace that was built in 1902. The location of the home has easy access for moving. The asking price is $15,000.

Click here for more information and to contact the owner

  Confluence, PA-Sept 2013

1813 Old Log Home Confluence PA 15424

1813 old log home in excellent condition. Mixed log type, it is in tact and still our current residence. It is 18 X 20 two story. Fireplace upstairs and down. Asking $10'000. Contact us at 814-395-5873 or email us at

Click here for more information and to contact the owner

  Circa 1818 Log cabin for sale by owner in Kentucky


Log Home sold by owner
Great solid log cabin, circa 1818, complete history of the original builder , chestnut and oak logs, 20'x28' 2 story . Easy takedown and easily accessible.
Click here for more information and to contact the owner


  Log cabin package for sale by owner


Log Home sold by owner
100 year old log farm home in Pope County, Illinois in the Shawnee National Forest. Home must be moved from site. Size is approx. 700 sq feet.Has original side-ways sliding windows and original doors. Also original 30 ft. front porch with Cedar posts is intact. Priced reduced to $2,500 .
Click here for more information and to contact the owner


  New Listing!!! Log cabin package for sale by owner


Log Home Package sold by owner 3pl Feb 2013
Owner is selling their log home package at a discount to their actual cost. Better act quick while this one lasts!
Click here for more information and to contact the owner


  West Virginia

item# (MDonovan011211-2) 6pl
16x20 hewn dovetail white pine. $8,000.
Click here for more information and to contact the owner


  West Virginia

item# (MDonovan011211) 6pl
18x16 round log white pine. $10, 000.

These cabins are ready to be taken apart and moved. Any additional openings(windows, fireplace) can be cut on site. Shipping is to be paid by buyer. I will travel to assist in re-erection. Click here for more information and to contact the owner


  Michigan- Added Aug 2010

item# (KTorn080510) 12PL
100% hemlock log home/settler's cabin. Extraordinary condition. Overall dimensions are 20' x 23' with 20' x 13' timber frame addition. TOTAL dimensions are 20' x 35' on 2 levels for 1,400 square foot total.
click here for more information


item# (SFed040710)12pl
This log home for sale is located in the Chicago area. It was moved here from Michigan about 30 yrs. ago. The home appears to be dated around the timeframe of the 1880's.
The home dimensions are 18x24. It will need to be dismantled and moved.
click here for more info, pictures and to contact the owner


  Pennsylvania- Added July 2010

item# (CKeith072710) 12PL
Hand hewn log home circa pre 1850. Logs have been tagged for disassembly and reassembly. Approximate size of home is 21' x 22', 2-story. Also have first floor logs, second and attic floor hand hewn beams. Asking $15,000.00
click here for more information

  North Carolina listed 01/09/2010

item# (JLitschke011010) SOLD
Vacation Rental Log Home for Sale
Great investment on a early-19th-century cabin located in the foothills of the NORTH CAROLINA Blue Ridge Mountains in the Heart of the Yadkin Valley Wine Region. Great rental history.
Click here for more information and to contact the owner.


  North Carolina- Added Dec 2010

item# (RLoveday121010) 6PL SOLD
2 log homes 18x18 & 18x19 & 1 log barn 18x20 for sale dating back to 1850-1860's. Size of logs vary per structure face from 5-10" & thickness from 5-6". Appear to be Oak. All three are located in Snow Camp NC on the same property. All structures need to be dismantled & restored. Easy access to them. Do have some history on them.

   Log Home Package being sold at a discount

Log Home Kit-From Log Cabin Homes

This log home owner purchased a log home kit from Log Cabin Homes of Rocky Mount, NC back in 2003 and locked in 2003 prices and made a large payment on the package. Now he is no longer able to complete the package and needs to find another buyer that can finish the project. Main structure is 40' x 29' master bedroom wing 22' x 19' attached garage. 8" x 6" pine logs. current owner is in Massachusettes.
click here for more pics and to contact the owner



  Pennsylvania, Added Nov 2010

item# (RCSawnHemlockrc111710)
We are beginning shortly on a 45 by 100 ft. sawn hemlock frame. It needs very little repair which is included in the price of purchase. It's a late 1800's Pennsylvania bank barn. The owner is leaving the sleepers and rebuilding on them. Included in the price of $35K is the entire frame and rafters, tagged and loaded as well as any salvageable flooring (much is oil stained, but there are some that are re-useable and will be included).

  Pennsylvania, Added Nov 2010

item# (RoaringCreekrc111710)
Roaring Creek Wagon Shed: This pegged, 16 by 20 sawn frame would be an ideal garage/workshop. The height to the eves is 14 ft and it has a half loft. As is, there would be a 5-6 ft second floor/loft. If rebuilt on a 2 ft stone or block wall, there would be a full second story height of 7-8 ft. - It is a mixed species sawn frame dating to the late 1800's. It is difficult to tell from some angles, but it is painted white. Although the rafters were removed by the time we took this photo, there is a full set of the original rafters. All repairs except were made as the building was dismantled and the building has been tagged, printed and dismantled. The only change to these photos is where a car would enter. It was quite low, so we replaced the crosstie on that side with a beam to be put up higher which can’t be placed cut to length until reassembly. Upon reassembly, there will be ample room to pull a truck in on that side. The cost for the structure alone is $5500.00. The cost of the structure purchased, delivered (within 3 hours of Berks County, PA) and reassembled is $12K. Outside of that distance, please call and I will quote delivery and travel expenses.

  Pennsylvania, Added Nov 2010

item# (Lappsrc111710)
This log cabin is an 18 by 24 ft., full two story, hand hewn pine structure. The timber frame addition measures 17 by 16 ft. and is also a full two stories with an attic. The cabin dates to the mid 1800's and stands in Central Pa. The logs range from 9" to 15" wide and are in beautiful condition. The first floor ceiling height in the cabin is appx. 8 ft. and the second floor is 7 ft. (the attic is 6 ft. at the peak). The heights in the timber frame addition are 8.5 ft on the first floor, 7.5 ft on the second and 5 ft at the peak of the attic. The addition is also pine. This structure is available as a cabin only or with the timber frame addition. The frame, floor joists systems and rafters are included in both buildings. There are two possible replacements necessary on the cabin which are also included in the cost. The cost for the cabin only is $19K and the cost for the cabin w/ the addition is $23K. I have more photos available...if you have any further questions, please give me a call at either number below.

  Pennsylvania, Added Nov 2010

item# (Churchrc111710)
Blue Ridge Summit Church: We have never had anything like this! This church was built in 1898 in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. The area was considered the “Hamptons” for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. The church was designed by prestigious architect, T. Buckler Ghequier of Baltimore who specialized in building churches. The church was the “white church” and just across the street is the small “colored church”. (Ironic considering its’ proximity to Gettysburg, PA). Although there are some serious issues with parts of the church, the beautiful trusses are still intact. The church frame consists of 8 elaborate trusses. The overall footprint is 32 ft. by 60 ft. and it is a clear span. Also salvageable are the eyebrow windows, stone entranceway (appx. 4 ft by 11 ft stone), porches, handcut limestone foundation. Recently, architect Isaac Lowry of Falling Waters, WV, did some research on this building and found postcards of the church as well as a magazine article about the project (article from 1902). He also drew some elevations of the church as it originally stood. This would be an amazing project for someone to take on to restore to its’ orginal condition and we do have the information necessary to do that. It was also be amazing as a more modern conversion, using the detailed trusses as the focal point. The cost for the trusses and all salvageable material (stone, windows, porches, etc). is $39K. I've attached just a small portion of the information I have for this building. If you are seriously interested, let me know and I'll forward several zip drives of both current pictures as well as historical documentation.

  Pennsylvania, Added Nov 2010

item# (Kauffmansrc11172010)
Kauffman's carriage house is an 18 ft. by 26 ft. 2 story carriage barn dating to the late 1800's. It probably originally housed wagons, but at some point appears to have been used as living or working quarters, as there was 3 finished stories. It is a sawn hemlock frame with some very minor issues, but in overall good shape. It originally stood in Centre County, Pa. The rafters were already taken down in these photos, but are included. The upright posts are roughly 8 by 8" and the crossties are roughly 7 by 7". The height to the bottom of the crossties is 7-7.5 ft. (As you can see in the photos, the ties are not all at matching heights, the original floors were stepped down several inches....this can be altered if you prefer). The height from the top of the crossties to the bottom of the top plate is 6-6.5 ft. The height from the top of top plate to the peak of the building is appx. 5 ft. As it originally stood, there were two floors and a very low attic. The height of this could easily be adjusted to afford either two stories plus a loft or two stories w/ no loft, but cathedral ceilings upstairs. The bents are arranged to create two areas of open space, measuring 18 by 13 ft each and the overall square footage without an attic or loft is just under 1000 ft. This building would lend itself perfectly to either a guest cottage, workshop or studio or perhaps even a very small home. This building is tagged and dismantled and stored in Bucks County, Pa. The cost is $6500 and it is ready to ship.


  Pennsylvania, Added Sep 2010 SOLD

item# (Corncribrc09182010) FRL
This oak structure was a corn crib, standing in Eastern Pa. and dating to the mid-late 1800's. It's hand-hewn oak measuring 17 by 28 ft. The main posts are 6 by 8" and the interior posts are 5 by 5 through 6 by 6". The interior posts on this building could be removed to lend more open space inside. NPL**** SOLD****

  Pennsylvania, Added Aug 2010

item #(PennsburghBarnRC081610) FRL
The barn is a stone bank barn with hand hewn oak framing. The outside measurements of the barn are 72 by 35 ft. With the stone walls, barn has four bays and five bents.

  Pennsylvania, Added Aug 2010

item #(RCDushore081210) FRL
Posted Aug 12, 2010 (30 by 44 ft) and Dixie's Barn (30 by 40 ft.). Both must be dismantled immediately or the owner is going to demo. Both are clean frames in very good condition. With replacement pieces, either barn is $20K for frame and rafter system, tagged, printed and loaded on truck! Call or email if you are interested and able to move quickly!! Ricki at 267-404-2214



item# (RCCarriageTF081010) FRL
20 by 25 ft. carriage barn; sawn hemlock frame. Great condition. 19 ft. at center. ½ loft. Includes rafters and joisting for half loft. C. 1925. Can be converted to straight roof line easily. All 6 by 6” material. $10K to deliver and reassemble w/in 500 miles of central Pa. (will quote further deliveries). $16K



item# (RCSundaysCabin062510) FRL
According to locals, Sunday's cabin was once the original church in this small Pa. town. This cabin is the biggest and nicest we have ever seen! It is two story, hand hewn oak measuring 28 by 35 ft! (2000 square feet in original building!!! Plus 960 in attic). Dates to at least 1800's, possibly late 1700's. The faces range from 10-17" wide. NPL




item# (PRowland062710)
1800s log cabin for sale: Cabin located in Murfreesboro, TN-- Buyer must be able to move this cabin from current location 1500 sq ft- hand hewn logs- cedar in species
Asking $12,000.00. Updated listing 8/11/2010


  Maine listed 03/21/2010


item# (JSmith032110)
Gorgeous Log home on 5 Acres. 3 bedroom 1 bath home with screened farmes porch and a large deck in the back. Detached 2 car garage with bonus garden shed/workshop in the back. Concrete pad with septic and well on the back of the lot. Great for in-law, guest quarters, barn or shop. Email or call Jake Smith at 207-432-1488 NPL


  Pennsylvania listed 03/05/2010


item# (EMagyor030510)FRL3mos
Pennsylvania Hewn White Oak House
This is a 19x25 full two story plus attic house. Tagged, dismantled along with hundreds of photos and notes for reconstruction. Included for the price is: the crib logs, joists, rafters, sleepers, 2 sets of steps, paneling, flooring for two stories and a couple doors all for $8,600. Nine replacement logs are also available for an additional $1,800. This house was built in 1853 and it has a history traced back to the original bulider. Log faces are 11 to 12 inches and 7 to 8 inches thick. Call 716-969-0733 or email for more information.


  Tennessee, Pigeon Forge listed 02/01/2010- Rental cabin SPECIAL PROMOTION

item# (Hilltop Hideaway 02012010)
Hilltop Hideaway cabin is a charming log home available for rent just outside of Pigeon Forge, TN. Rates are only $125.00 per night off season and $150.00 during peak seaon.
click here for more info, pictures and to contact the owner.


  Alabama listed 01/05/2010


item# (PSciuga010410)
Hand hewn Log cabin from early 1800's Located in Northwestern Alabama. Log cabin was originally in Moorehead Ky. Has been dismantled and is ready for somebody to put up. Has 2 16x16 rooms, logs are mostly Oak and all are very solid. You can reach me at or 813 810 8573. Asking price is 10k OBO. NPL


  Kentucky, Nancy listed 12/30/09


item# (RHowell123009)
This is a 16'X23' hand hewed yellow popular 2 story 1800's home. This is the Dye Family homestead. It is easily accessible . It is my family homestead. It was lived in until 1999. The roof is intact, The ends of two logs have water damage but all others are in good shape. It is still standing. Asking a fair price. contact Rena at or call 606-219-5004. NPL

  Tennessee, Morrison listed 12/28/09


item# (BJerrigan122809)
Pre Civil War hand hewn log cabin two rooms, needs to be moved. Lots of good logs, some not so good. Built by Great Grandfather before Civil war. Lived in until 1999. Prefer contact by letter or e-mail. Will e-mail pictures if requested. Located in middle Tennessee. Email Bob Jernigan for more info: 12NPL


  Ohio, Plymouth


item# (JDay100609)
I have a rare opportunity for you to own a historic log house. This house was built in the 1830's and has been recently been tagged and dismantled. As you can see in the photos that are some missing and bad logs but I am taking down another house that could be used for replacement logs. The dimensions of the house are 23' x 27' and it is two stories. This house could also be reconfigured as a one story and use the leftover logs from the second story to replace the bad ones on the first. The possibilities are endless. This house has been disassembled and is in storage in a barn in Plymouth Ohio. We are asking $16,000 or best offer, most of the logs are oak and chestnut.

Please call me with any questions or e-mail. Jason (419) 512-4335 NPL

click here for more pictures and to contact the owner




item# (C_Ryan04102008)
Cape, log home. The home was built in Norway, from Norwegian Spruce then disassembled, and then rebuilt in Marshfield MA in 1978. The Seller believes there
are only 2 log homes in the US using Norwegian Spruce. This wood is harder, and denser than American Spruce wood.
click here for more pics,info and to contact the owner



item# (jblaes03012008)
Two mid 1800's log cabins, dismantled, numbered, with architects drawings for reassembly, stored in individual 28' trailers, located in Hurt, Va.
click here for more pics,info and to contact the owner

  NC, Murphy


item# (mginocchi022908)
Beautiful 1994 Log Cabin with 2006 upgrades.
2 Bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage. Nottley River and long-range mountain views! Just reduced!
click here for more pics,info and to contact the owner


item# (MJones_07)
2 nice Pa. German Log Houses. The Big one is 1610sf. and the smaller one is 1400sf. I only want to sell one. First one that sells, I will keep the other.
click here for more pics and to contact the owner

  Iowa- Added Nov 2010

item# (RBush112210) 6PL Sold
Fully restored vintage cabin. Restoration done by well known Mark Johnson of Terrasol Restoration in St. Peter, MN. This is my wifes familiy's original cabin which I salvaged. Size was 13x15, but I sorta got carried away. Salavaged a second cabin and parts of four others.

  North Carolina, Lee County 0809 Sold

Item#(SSellers0809) FRL
1865 ca Log Cabin, known as The Lemon Family Cabin, is published as the most well-preserved in Lee Co, in The History and Architecture of Lee County, NC, by Pezzoni. Cabin is 16 x 20, has restored original floors, loft, electricity, insulation, gas fireplace, three porches, three windows, all original stones from fireplace, and has outstanding dovetail joints. It is from Scottish and Swiss influence. It can be moved as is, with roof intact. It must be moved. $25,000.00

  Pennsylvania-No longer available


item #(R_Chaikin35x50_062408)
This barn stands in Central Pa and is a mixed species (but predominately oak), hand hewn frame dating to the mid 1800's. The overall footprint of the barn is 35 ft. * 50 ft and it is in beautiful condition. The wall height is appx. 15.5 ft. and the height of the peak is appx. 26 ft. There are 4 bents, 3 bays in this barn. The widths of each bay is appx.16 ft. (the length 35, for three areas of appx. 550 sq. ft. open space)



item# (BDSal08-06)
Mid-1800s Hand Hewn Red Oak Log Cabin 2 story, 4 room rustic cabin from Moneta, VA Footprint = 30.5' x 16' Originally 840 Square Feet Recently Disassembled, Numbered, Blueprinted, Stacked and Ready to be Shipped Avg timber size 5-6" thick x 10-12" high, lengths vary 90% complete, we will provide extra vintage timbers for log replacement Notched V groove construction Asking $18,000
picture 1, 2, 3


  Pennsylvania-Just added April 2010 Sold April 2010

item# (KBurkh040510) 1 mos FRL

Late 1700/early 1800's 1-1/2 story LOG HOUSE

We have an 18X 22 main log house (knotched logs) and
it has a 9X22 lean to (corner post & wooden pegs) added later.
It needs to be removed by April 30th, 2010 according to township rules.

  North Carolina-Sold

Pre Civil War Appalachian Log Cabin

This is a wonderful antebellum log cabin with loft and shed addition that dates to the early 1800's between 1810-1830. The cabin itself measures 18' X 16" and is made from oak, chestnut and ash. The main floor of the cabin and the loft are sheathed with a double layer of chestnut and other hardwood planks: some measuring as much as 16". Also included are the materials from the shed addition which measures 10' 6" X 18'. This is a wonderful opportunity to own a one of a kind hand crafted antique log cabin. I have included lots of photos of the cabin as it stood; as well as photos taken during the dismantling. The cabin was dismantled by an experienced crew of log home builders. The logs have been tagged and a lay out sheet will be provided to simplify the log and wall location. This cabin was used as a hunting and camping cabin at it's original location in Madison County, North Carolina until just recently when it was dismantled and moved. You can pick up the cabin or we can assist you in arranging freight. Asking $9000.00
pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
item# (GParrish1006)

for more info contact



item# (jchalliesi022808) Sold Mar 08

Pre-civil war, moved from south if Calhoun GA to present
site in North Gordon Cty in 1970s-80s.
click here for more pics,info and to contact the owner


item# (S_Miller060908) SOLD

Magnificent new unassembled Southland Log Home ready for assembly. Full Package, plus includes complete floor package, upgraded timber roof package, deck lumber and basement design. Model is upgraded and expanded to 4,300 sq ft home. 3 Bdrm 3.5 Bath, Great Room with Cathedral ceilings and seperate stand alone 24 x 24 garage. Completely outfitted exterior including windows, doors. Appraised finished at $590,000. Original log price $195,000. Asking $125,000 including delivery w/in 200 miles of Frankfort, KY. Can also arrange deivery for outside of area at additional cost. Owner needs to sell this package.

  North Carolina


item# (JMcKinley-0707) Sold

log barn for sale. It is 15’ x 30’. It is located in Kannapolis, NC.

click here for more pics and to contact the owner

  Indiana, Bedford

item #(Wells08100912mos) Sold

Log Home for Auction: The center of this house is an early 1800’s, two story log cabin. The cabin measures approximately 20’ across and 25’ deep. The logs are hand hewn, around 8 inches thick with dovetailed corner joints.




item# (HDunlapVA) Sold

MUST SELL - These 2 cabins were originally dog-trot pens in an old barn, so there was no chinking, few doors and no windows. Floorplan otpions are endless. Dimensions are 22'-23' and 18'X23. Linear footage is approx. 2,100 feet. Beautiful v-notched, hand-hewn oak logs just waiting to become a home. Already tagged, sketched, dismantled and easity accessible to move.




item #(R_CLancaster_062408) SOLD

This beautiful cabin stands in the heart of Pa. Amish country. It is a two story, hand hewn cabin in Lancaster County, Pa and it dates to the mid 1800's. It's predominately chestnut with some oak. The overall measurements are 24 ft. by 26 ft. with a full two stories and attic. This cabin is in nearly perfect condition and ready to move. Included in the price of $22K is the frame, floor joists, rafters, tagging, disassembly and loading on a trailer.


  Pennsylvania listed 01/11/2010-Sold March 2010


item# (BMcLellan011110)FRL3mos

26x19 two story 1850s hand hewn log structure. Built new home on property, so log home must be dismantled and moved to your property. Logs are 9-13 inches in height and 8 inches deep. We think this is chestnut but don't know how to tell for sure. When purchased, the home was covered with aluminum siding. We exposed the log on the interior of the home and one exterior first floor wall that was joined to an enclosed back kitchen. The rest of the exterior still has aluminum siding covering the log. Price is negotiable, and we would like to have it removed as soon as possible. Sold Mar 2010


item# (TBarnbrook3_07) SOLD
This is a full two story 20' X 22' square foot hand hewn log home ,circa 1850's from Amish country in Goshen, Indiana. It is dismantled and tagged and has been under cover for over five years.


  Pennsylvania-No longer available

item# (lstringcabin111907) No longer available

Found in Western PA. This 1790-1800 pine log cabin was constructed using a nice set of widefaced hewn straight logs. It measures 30' x 37'and has a center hall from front to back with 2 rooms on either side. click here for more pics and to contact the owner

  North Carolina-Sold

item# (ChristmasCabin) sold for $12000.00

Authentic-Completly hand hewn log home, ready to be shipped to your property. This cabin is completely hand built and sits on a farm North of Charlotte. The dimensions are 18 x 20 and it has a full loft. Included with this cabin are all of the wall logs, the foundation log, the roof trusses and the floor joists for the loft.

click here for more pics

  Minnesota-No longer available

item# (dtnowiki022108) No longer available

Full log cabin built in the 1940's. 25 ' x 25 '. Would make a great north woods cabin or hunting shack. Cabin would need to be removed by June 1, 2008 because we will be starting construction on new cabin.


  Tennessee listed 01/24/2010 Listing No Longer Available

item# (WBarrett01242010)
18x18 log cabin 1.5 stories. It has large 10-12" faces, mainly white oak. It has been proffesional renotched and is setting at my house in North East Tennessee. There is no rot or any defects to it.


  Michigan-No longer available

Old Log home that has been covered with with siding. Located in the Upper Peninsula Michigan price negotiable
pictures: 1, 2
item# (JKoski 0906)

click for better picture of logs

for more info contact




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